About Us

Hefei Sensor Turnkey Service founded in May 2020, registered capital of 12.4 million yuan, which is based on CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) packaging, testing, provide customers with modular manufacturing, packaging technology, and customized test program development and services for optical and sensor semiconductor components, covering 8 "and 12" wafer testing, grinding, cutting, module and terminal IC testing. At the same time, HSTS has set up a business unit of RF test, provide testing solutions and services for 5G communications market,and the internet of things customer. Our product applications involving mobile phones, the monitor camera module and intelligent home appliances with RF module and intelligent terminal consumer electronics field, in addition,HSTS also provide traditional logic IC, memory product test program development and testing services.

HSTS is located in the Building A, Yunhai Road Industrial Park, the first phase covers an area of about 8,000 square meters, has imported equipment such as prober, high-end semiconductor automatic test equipment, research and development new test system of wafer and IC, provide testing services to the semiconductor manufacturers at home and abroad, can reach 20000pcs testing production of 8 inch and 12 inch wafer ; Provide image sensor and RF module testing and packaging; Provide testing and packaging of monitor camera module and RF module for smart home appliance.The team composed of personnel, in the semiconductor industry chain, has many years experience of the middle and lower reaches, from technology, production process, and has the market trend to the whole chain development ability, can provide customers with all aspects of, deep development and service, the independent innovation ability of the team, and related equipment of domestic made and the technological process of the optimization design, Can greatly reduce the production cost for customers,Get the customer's approval recognize.

Our Values

Let Customers Trust, Let Employees Grow, Let Shareholders Proud