Test Program Development

HSTS has a professional test development team, which can provide customers with one-stop adjective test development services, including test plan evaluation and formulation, test fixture development, test program development, mass production import and maintenance, test efficiency improvement, etc. Help customers reduce testing costs, shorten testing cycle, improve product competitiveness.

For CIS testing, we can cooperate with customers to customize light sources with different spec requirements and provide customized test fixture solutions to achieve highly automated testing and achieve higher output while ensuring test quality.

HSTS provides various testing development services:
Test program development
Test fixture development
Test platform conversion
Evaluation of simultaneous velocity test protocols
Multi Site Test Plan evaluation:
Evaluate probe card alignment
Evaluate machine resources
Evaluation test method (Cable Mount or Direct Docking)

Test System:

  • 50/100/200MHz test frequency
  • 50/100 Mbps data rate
  • 256 digital channels /512 digital channels /1024 digital channels
  • Parallel testing up to 512 sites
  • 32/64/128 m pattern of memory
  • 2M capture memory per pin
  • Diversified VI power supply
  • Flexible hardware architecture (interchangeable I/O, VI, ADDA)
  • Real parallel trim/match feature
  • Timing frequency test
  • Support for STDF tools
  • AD/DA function card (optional)
  • SCAN test Function
  • C/C++ programming language
  • User-friendly Windows 10 operating environmen